The long drive…

After having Betty home for 3 weeks for Christmas break, I drove her back to Hope College on Sunday.  Each time she has been home, I have realized she is continuing to take steps toward independence and adulthood.  Crazy that I do not seem to be getting any older!

Attending college is one of the biggest steps toward adulthood. Going to class, keeping up with homework, studying, holding down a job, and trying to make yourself marketable for a job after graduation are just some of the tasks you’ll need to juggle at the same time.  To add more stress, most college students will also need to file a tax return.  While filing taxes can be complicated, it’s also one area where you don’t want to rush. If you fly through your taxes without confirming you’re taking all available deductions, you could wind up paying more than you should.  Some important forms to keep an eye out for (or in this online age, log into your accounts and retrieve):  form 1098-T which reports your tuition payments and form 1098-E which will report your student loan interest.  Parents and students need to communicate with each other to avoid any dependency status complications.

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