Watch out for Phishing!


The IRS is warning of an increase in fake emails that are intended to gain access to your personal information.  Here are some tips on avoiding these phishing scams

  1. Never open a link or attachment from an unknown source. Be cautious even if you think you know the sender.  Thieves are good at imitating trusted sources.
  2. Double check the email address. Thieves may be spoofing an address with a slight change that you are unlikely to notice.
  3. Remember that the IRS doesn’t contact taxpayers by email, text, social media, or by telephone to ask for personal information.
  4. Use strong passwords such as a pass phrase with at least ten digits including numbers and special characters to protect online accounts.
  5. Use security software to protect against malware and viruses in phishing emails.
  6. Use multi factor authentication when it’s available. In addition to a username and password, a code is sent, usually to your phone.
  7. Report phishing scams to phishing

If you think you have been a victim of identity fraud click here  for more information.

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