Tax Season Update

As we all are making adjustments to our everyday lives, my staff & I are working tirelessly to make sure we meet the many deadlines we are facing within the next 4 weeks.  We will continue to process payroll so our clients can still pay their employees.  We are continuing to prepare and file tax returns as they are completed.  We have however had to re-prioritize and make adjustments to our work load.  We are asking that you be patient with things like monthly bookkeeping and answering emails that are unrelated to tax season.

The treasury announced yesterday that taxpayers can defer tax payments until July 15.  Does this mean your return is also extended? NO!  We still have to file your return or extension by April 15th, but you have until July 15th to make your payment without penalty or interest.  As a CPA, I am disappointed that the filing deadline was not also extended, so as of now, we are pushing forward.

What can you do to help?

  • If we leave you a message, listen to your voicemail. Calling us back before listening to your voicemail is not helping us.
  • Sign and return ALL signature forms and payment to us as quickly as possible. We still need to file your return, even if you are waiting until July to pay.  As quickly as things are changing, why take the chance & hold onto your documents, sign them and get them back to us.
  • Be patient. We are all feeling the stress during this unprecedented time in our lives.
  • Stay positive, we will get through this together.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  We appreciate you!

Stay safe & healthy!


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