Tax Refund Myths


  1. All refunds are delayed.  They aren’t, most taxpayers get their refunds is less than three weeks.  It’s even faster if taxpayers use electronic filing and direct deposit.
  2. Order a tax transcript to find out a refund date.  According to the IRS, the transcript information doesn’t give you the refund amount or when it will be received.
  3. A call to the IRS or tax preparer will give you a refund date.   Clients should go to Where’s My Refund or use theIRS2Go Mobile App.  Refund status is updated once a day.
  4. The IRS will call or email taxpayers about refunds. Clients should know that the IRS does NOT call, text, email or use social media to give or request personal and financial information. If anyone does call saying they are from the IRS, clients should know that they are being scammed and should report the incident. The agency will never call to demand  payment that requires a specific method, such as a prepaid debt card, gift card or wire transfer; threaten to bring in law enforcement; demand tax payments without allowing the taxpayer time for an appeal; or ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.

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