Tax Day has been moved to July 15th !!

Tax Day has been moved to July 15th because of the coronavirus!


 What does that mean for Jellison CPA Clients?

We will continue to work hard to get your return completed in a timely fashion.  We realize that there are taxpayers who are expecting refunds and need those refunds now more than ever.  Please be assured that we are working on your returns.

If your return has already been completed & e-filed, now what?

If you owe with your return, then you have until July 15th to make the payment.  Nothing else needs to be done.

If your return has been completed, but it has not yet been e-filed, now what?

Please return your signature forms & our payment for services to us ASAP so we can e-file your return.  Even if we e-file prior to April 15th, you still have until July 15th to make your tax payment.

What about the Michigan return?

As of this moment, nothing official has been released, but I expect states to follow suit and move the due date to July 15th.

You have quarterly estimates for 2020, when do you have to pay these?

As of this moment, the 1st quarter estimate that is typically due on April 15th has been deferred until July 15th.  No guidance has been issued yet for the 2nd quarter estimate which is typically due June 15th.  No guidance yet from the State of Michigan regarding estimated payments.

You need more time to get your information submitted to Jellison CPA, what should you do?

If you need time to gather documents and know you will be taking advantage of the extra time, please send a quick email to to let us know that you still want us to prepare your return, but that your information will be coming to us after April 15th.  Nothing else needs to be done at this time.  The extension is automatic.


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