Summer Food Safety Tips





  1.  Store and transport perishable foods properly – Separate your meats, produce, and salads in their individual containers, and place them towards the bottom of the cooler for maximum insulation. Also, putting the coolers in the car seat versus the trunk allows the containers to stay colder, longer.
  2. Put cold drinks in a separate cooler – This is something we don’t always think about but should. Putting drinks in another cooler helps keep the cooler containing the food cooler longer by minimizing the number of times it’s opened.
  3.  Avoid taking dishes that contain uncooked or unpasteurized eggs – Use pasteurized eggs when transporting egg salads and homemade mayonnaise-based dishes, and keep those cold until just before serving.
  4.  Don’t prepare food more than one day before your picnic – Cooking food ahead of time allows more time for bacteria to grow, so keep prep closer to the day of the event. Also,  remember to eat the food within an hour of serving (two hours on cooler days).
  5. Throw out leftovers – Since the food has time to sit before and during your summer festivities, throw out leftovers after your picnic.

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