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Payroll & Financial Reporting in Farmington Hills MI

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carrie-jellisonThroughout the year, businesses have numerous important reports that they must file regarding their financial records, especially when it comes to their company payroll. These dates and reporting requirements often change, which makes financial reporting more complicated than it ought to be. Jellison CPA has been working in the area for more than 13 years, and as such have plenty of experience working with businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.

At Jellison CPA, we strive to take the complications out of payroll & financial reporting in Farmington Hills with our personalized payroll solutions.

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Whether you run a small LLC looking to get payroll set up for the first time, a large corporation looking to streamline your payroll, or a non-profit organization looking for immediate payroll relief, Jellison CPA can design a payroll program that fits your specific needs.

Our personalized payroll & financial reporting services in Farmington Hills set us apart from most other CPAs and accountants in the area. Some payroll providers will charge you excessively for each item they work on, no matter how long it takes them to complete. At Jellison CPA, we offer an all-inclusive fee structure, which means you don’t have to worry about being nickle-and-dimed for payroll. This saves your business time and money, and provides the best value for payroll services in Farmington Hills.

No matter how large or small your Farmington Hills business is, Jellison CPA is here to create a personalized payroll program for you. Call today to schedule your free one-hour payroll consultation!

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About Jellison CPA

I have  been serving the accounting, bookkeeping, tax, CPA, and payroll needs of businesses and individuals in Farmington Hills, Michigan for over 13 years. I am committed to providing a complete range of professional tax and accounting services, at affordable fees. More

Jellison CPA offers new clients a free one-hour consultation.

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