Part 4 – Tax Implications of Employing your Child?

Tip #4 Know the Tax Implications of Employing your Child:

Many of you may be exploring the idea of hiring your child for the summer.  Giving your child a summer job may provide an opportunity for tax savings for you as the employer as well as for your child.  There are tax benefits of having your child as an employee if your trade or business is a sole proprietorship or partnership in which you and/or your spouse are the sole owners or partners.

Wages paid to your child who is under the age of 18 are not subject  to Social Security and Medicare taxes, or Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA).  Wages paid to your child who is 18 years or older, but under 21, are not subject to FUTA.  Your child’s wages are a deductible business expense to your company, as long as your child is treated as a regular employee, wages are paid in dollars, and a W-2 is filed.


Tip #5  Understand How Taxes Work With an Out-of-State Summer Job  

Tip #6 Understand Roth IRA Eligibility and Benefits:

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