Michigan Sales Tax & W/H – 2015 Electronic Filing Requirements

2015 will be here sooner than we realize and there are some changes for next year regarding the State of Michigan. They are requiring businesses to e-file and make electronic payments for their Sales, Use and Withholding taxes. The State will NOT be mailing out tax booklets next year. So, in order to make your sales tax payments, Michigan withholding tax payments and file the tax forms correctly you will need to make sure you have a One Stop Business account with the State. The State began sending letters explaining this change back in September and will continue into November. If you are already using Jellison CPA as your payroll provider, your withholding payments are already being filed electronically.

They have a new resource called Michigan Treasury Online (MTO). This is where you will make payments, register, and file for Sales, Use and Withholding taxes. More information can be found at www.michigan.gov/mtobusiness. The letter will have the access code for this resource.

If you have any questions about this we will try and assist you with the registration process or you can go to www.michigan.gov/mtobusiness or call 877-766-1779.

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