Michigan to Enforce Sales Tax on Online Retailers

The days of avoiding Michigan state sales taxes by shopping online soon will be largely gone.

The Michigan Treasury Department says that mail-order and online retailers — even those with no physical presence in Michigan — must pay a 6 percent sales tax on all transactions on taxable sales in the state starting Oct. 1.  Michigan has required retailers or e-commerce companies with brick-and-mortar stores or other types of physical presence in the state — including Amazon — to pay the 6 percent sales tax since October 2015.   Starting in October, 2018 online out-of-state retailers that exceed $100,000 in sales or 200 or more transactions in Michigan within the previous calendar year will have to report and pay sales tax to the state.  The new sales-tax revenue, according to Michigan law, would go toward the school-aid fund, the general fund and revenue sharing for local governments.

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