Last Minute Gift Ideas









Have you left your Christmas shopping until the last minute?  Here are some gift suggestions for procrastinators:

  1.  Buy a gift card.-It may seem a little lazy, but gift cards are actually a highly requested gift.  Try to choose a card from a favorite store or for a specific interest so that it is more personalized.
  2. Buy an experience-Buy a movie pass, a ticket to an amusement park, a spa day, a gift card to a favorite restaurant.  Give the gift of something fun to do.
  3. Get a subscription-Subscribe to a favorite interest or hobby, there are subscriptions for all kinds of things.  Some subscriptions last all year, while others offer three month or seasonal subscriptions. Either way the recipient will get goodies to open for months.
  4. Make something-Do you have a talent for baking, painting, crafting?  Make something unique.
  5. Frame something-It seems that even though we can take pictures easily, we rarely print one. Find a great photo to print and put it in a frame.
  6. Write a coupon-You can write a coupon for a future experience, service, trip, or whatever you can think of that the person would enjoy. Make it pretty though!

Good luck with your shopping!

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