Coffee for Everyone!


A new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology recently analyzed performance efforts in group tasks by conducting experiments involving roughly 70 undergraduates of a Midwestern university.  Groups discussed an article and then rated personal and group performance.

Coffee served at meetings made participants more productive and focused on group talks, while increasing participation levels and leaving workers feeling more positive about everyone’s contributions.

In a second experiment, researchers switched it up and give some groups caffeinated coffee while others received decaffeinated coffee. The groups who drank caffeinated coffee rated personal and group participation highly, and they exhibited greater levels of alertness and willingness to participate in another discussion with their group again.

Imagine easing into a meeting with relaxed conversation over coffee. Rituals add to routines, and the more enjoyable they are, the more positive and productive performance becomes.

If research says you should drink more coffee, especially at meetings, who wants to argue? Drink more coffee at meetings, and get more done with your team.


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