Are You Having a Summer Wedding?

Summer is the most popular wedding season, so it’s not a surprise if you are getting married during this wonderful season. Most of your thoughts are probably circling around the big day. One thought, however, may not have crossed your mind yet. Believe it or not, you can get a tax break on a few major aspects of your wedding.

  1. Venue Fees:
    • Whether your getting married at a church or having a destination wedding, chances are you will have to pay a fee in order to have your wedding. If these fees are considered a charitable donation they can be tax deductible. Also if you are having your wedding at a non-profit venue (state park, historic site, or even a museum), you could be eligible to write off your fees.
  2. Decorations and Flowers
    • Chances are, you’ve spent hours planing the perfect centerpieces and perfect decorations to help make your wedding beautiful. But, have you thought about what you will do with all of the vases, candles, and flowers? Consider donating the non-perishable items to your local Salvation Army and the flowers to a local charity, such as a women’s shelter. Others will be able to enjoy the items that made your wedding so special, and you will be able to claim the contribution on your taxes.  It’s a win-win!
  3. Leftover Food
    • Much like the flowers, you can donate all the delicious leftovers to your local shelter or soup kitchen. If you plan on doing this make sure you coordinate with your caterer and the receiving organization beforehand.
  4. The Attire
    • You spent weeks hunting for the perfect gown to wear for one of the best nights of your life; it’s understandable if you’re utterly obsessed with your dress. However, if you don’t plan on passing it down, and you are wondering what to do with it after the night is over, consider donating it. It may be hard to let something so important to you go, but if you realize that it will just be collecting dust and you want to catch a tax break, donating it is a great option. If you can’t bring yourself to donate the gown, but you realize you wont be needing the veil or any other wedding accessories any time soon, donating those are also an option.
    • If your bridesmaids also aren’t going to be wearing their dresses for any other occasions, you can donate those gowns to organizations such as The Princess Project, or similar organizations. The Princess Project re-purposes gowns for high school students to wear to prom who otherwise couldn’t afford them. This is a great option to help give others the great night they deserve!


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